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Buying Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald engagement rings have a rich history and are currently trending. Associated with love, loyalty, and devotion, emerald gemstones captivate people with their alluring beauty and rich hue. Ancients fo believe that emeralds were the gemstone of Venus planet, the goddess of hope and love.

What does an Emerald Engagement Ring Symbolize?
Emerald’s green color is said to bring the mind symbols of new beginnings, growth, and rebirth. Moreover being the May Birthstone, emeralds make beautiful engagement rings.

Distinguishing Features of Emerald Rings that make them more beneficial:

Emeralds are Versatile: Emerald stone is available in various sizes and easily fits in different settings, so we can easily get a style that matches our choice. Vibrant stone creates a hue that helps in making a statement, so it can elevate any type of attire.

Emeralds are Still Not so Common: If you are the one who loves unique things, that speak about your personality, then Emerald rings can be a good choice. Even you can customize a piece according to your choice, which will help you get a very different piece.

Emeralds are Valuable: Emeralds prove to be a good investment, if we take proper care of them. They are one of the most precious stones, 20 times more rarer than diamonds. That's why their price and value are quite high.

Types of Emerald Engagement Rings

Each Emerald engagement ring style has its unique charm and allure, so whether you choose a classic solitaire setting ring or an intricate vintage-inspired design, you are sure to cherish it.

Emerald Solitaire Rings: Full of simplicity and elegance, this style focuses on highlighting the beauty of a single emerald gemstone placed at the center on top of a simple band. for those who appreciate understated yet powerful beauty in their engagement rings, this is a classic and meaningful choice.

Diamond Accentuated Emerald Rings: A popular choice among rings with diamond accents is an emerald ring style, featuring added sparkle and grace. The stunning contrast of emerald and diamonds creates a beautiful piece that will enhance your attire.

Vintage-Inspired Emerald Rings: Emerald rings with a vintage style are great for people who like the charm of the past and detailed designs. These rings often have fancy patterns that remind you of earlier times, bringing a bit of old-fashioned feeling to the engagement ring.

Emerald Promise Rings: Couples can choose this ring to express their commitment and love to each other. Emerald gemstone crafted on a simple metal band in a meaningful way to create an amazing piece for your partner.

Emerald Nature Inspired Rings: Nature-inspired designs, showcasing beautiful flowers and leaves come under this style category. Green emerald reflecting the vibrant colors found in nature takes the center stage on the metal frame adorned with other stones to complete the look. These stylish pieces are for nature lovers.

Popular Cut & Shapes for Emerald Engagement Rings

One of the popular cuts for an emerald is an Emerald Cut. The rectangular shape of an emerald cut protects the gemstone from any damage. The elongated parallels emphasize the inclusion of an emerald, adding beauty to the gem.

Here, are some more cuts you can choose from. We would definitely recommend you consider your partner’s choice and preference and select a cut that complements her style. Some trending fancy cuts you can opt for aside from a Round Cut are cushion cut, Asscher cut, heart shape, and oval cut.

Why Choose Virica Jewels for your Emerald Engagement Ring?

Virica Jewels has a diverse range of emerald engagement rings crafted by skilled artisans to match varying tastes and budgets. Smooth worldwide delivery, safe online shopping, and a 30-day return policy are the other reasons for choosing Virica Jewels.

Unique Designs

Our collection features a wide range of designs, from classic solitaires to intricate vintage settings. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional look, you'll find the perfect ring to match your taste. Our skilled artisans craft each piece with precision and care, ensuring that your engagement ring is truly one-of-a-kind.

Ethical Sourcing

We believe in responsible sourcing and are committed to ethical practices. All of our emeralds are conflict-free and sourced through transparent supply chains. When you purchase an emerald engagement ring from Virica Jewels, you can be confident that your ring is both beautiful and ethically sourced.

Care and Maintenance

Emeralds are safe to wear daily, they are softer than other precious stones like diamonds and require utmost care and maintenance. Emeralds are sometimes treated with oil, it's better to avoid exposing your emerald gem to extreme heat and temperature changes. For cleaning your emerald engagement ring, gently use of mix of soap and lukewarm water. And, gently scrub your gem with a very soft bristled toothbrush.