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Emerald the gem of gems, holds a great value in the gemstone world. Their lush green color captures hearts in just one glance.  And if you are a May-born privileged baby,  then you must know everything about your birthstone. 
First things First….

Why Emerald is the May Birthstone?

May month falls in the heart of the spring, which is the blooming and flourishing time. The imminent arrival of summer which is noticed through blooming flowers and vivid green hues, speaks about vitality. The lush green hue of Emeralds symbolizing renewal and growth, makes them a fitting birthstone of May.
May the month of new life and vitality perfectly coincide with this Greenstone.

Little about Emerald Gemstone…

Emerald is an excellent mineral of the beryl family that has traces of chromium and sometimes vanadium. This chemical composition is responsible for the vibrant color of the gemstone. Highly valued due to their radiance and beauty they are crafted as rings, earrings, necklaces, or even crown jewels.

What Does Emerald Symbolize?

Emeralds represent honesty, devotion, and kindness. This makes them a favorite choice of couples entering any phase of the relationship. Emerald engagement rings or other sentimental jewelry pieces of this gemstone are widely chosen due to their symbolic meaning.
Emerald also symbolizes vitality, inner peace, and good luck. Stone brings some health advantages to the wearer and offers them protection too. So people love wearing them as well as gifting them as luck charms.
Above all Emerald represents universal love that includes all the wonderful things in the world.

Properties Of Emerald Gemstone

Physical and Chemical Properties of Emerald

Emerald shares the same physical properties as the other members of beryl. It stands at 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness and its refractive and dispersive powers are not too high. The chemical composition of the gemstone is Be3Al2(SiO3)6. They have a vitreous or glassy luster, that makes them attractive. Emeralds are brittle as they have numerous inclusions.

Are Emeralds Durable?

Although emeralds appear delicate, they can be worn every day, as they are quite durable. They are considerably hard (as depicted on the Mohs scale)  and scratch-resistant gemstones in comparison to other stones.  Emeralds are quite stable to various chemicals and conditions. So you can easily choose emeralds for day-to-day wear, without worrying about durability issues.

Who Can or Cannot Wear Emerald?

Emeralds are beautiful gemstones that everyone would love to wear and treasure. But, since these gems carry certain energies, astrologers advise that they can interact differently with different zodiac signs.  As a result, some signs are more suited to harness emerald powers than others. Let's explore who can enjoy the benefits of emeralds and who might want to avoid any related contradictions.
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, and Libra are encouraged to consider emeralds for overall growth, while Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Leo may opt for them selectively. Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces are advised to rarely choose emeralds.
In terms of jewelry, anyone who loves emerald stones can wear them irrespective of age, gender, or cultural background. They can match almost all types of skin tones and complement all types of attire, whether formal or casual.

Which Zodiac Sign is Associated with Emerald?

Emerald, Mercury’s gemstone is closely associated with Gemini, Cancer, and Taurus. Zodiac signs ruled by Mercury benefited most, so if you fall in this category, you should consider them.  
Emeralds are a great match for Taurus who are extravagant and love to do impressive things. Gemini and Cancer also benefit greatly from wearing emeralds.

What Is The Real Color Of An Emerald?

What Is The Real Color Of An Emerald?

The true color of emerald is rich vibrant green. However, there can be a variation in color from blue to pure deep green. Equal distribution of color in high-quality gemstones offers an attractive look to the stone. Origin plays a great role in deciding the color of the stone. 

How are Emeralds Graded?

Emerald grading can help you understand the true value of your gemstone. Mostly two different systems are recommended for grading one is the Four C’s grading system and the other is the AAA grading system. The four C grading system evaluates gemstones based on the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of the gemstone. AAA grading system is a widely used methodology for grading and it also grades gemstones according to their cut, color, carat weight, and clarity.  AAA-grade gemstones are of the highest quality according to this system.

What is the disadvantage of wearing an emerald?

Emeralds known for growth and vitality, may be not best for everyone.  So besides the advantages, it’s important to look at the disadvantages too. Let’s check out some negative effects of emeralds according to astrologers.
Mental Stress: Intense mental stress is noticed in some of the emerald wearers just within weeks. Anxiety and depressing thoughts can be the primary signs. If not taken into consideration it can lead to permanent mental imbalance.
Negative impact on Personal life: Relationships with partners, family, or friends are affected to a great extent. Personal and professional aspects are disrupted and individuals lose emotional equilibrium.
Over-stimulation and Hyperactivity: Although emeralds are known to enhance mental focus, in some cases, individuals experience nervousness and over stimulation. So it’s important to take care at the very first step.
Financial Consequences: Financial conditions are negatively impacted if proper astrological analysis is not done, before wearing emeralds. In some cases, conditions deteriorate with time, so it would be better to consult an astrologist.
In some cases, individuals consider emeralds as a guaranteed source of success, due to their association with wealth and prosperity. They develop a sense of overconfidence, which can be harmful a number of times.

How Can YOU Wear Emeralds?

Wearing emeralds is not at all tough, if you are looking to elevate your attire or personality through them  Depending on your taste and style, you can choose emerald stone for your different body parts, like:
Emerald Rings: Whether you love elegant emerald rings in gold or solitaire emerald rings in silver, you can easily get an amazing range online.
Emerald Earrings: Beautiful drop and dangle emerald earrings or  emerald studs or hoops all are equally radiant and can help you embrace your looks.
Emerald Necklaces: An Emerald necklace can add a pop of color to your neckline, whether you choose a single pendant or stack emerald necklaces with other chains.

How many Carats of Emerald should be Worn?

Different astrological beliefs and practices differ in their opinion on the ideal carat weight for wearing an emerald. Most of them recommend that at least 3.25 carats can be a good choice. This value can range in between 3 to 6 carats.
A General rule for determining the ideal emerald carat weight suggests that for every 12 kilograms of the person’s weight, one carat is appropriate. For better understanding, a person weighing 72 kilograms should look for a 6-carat emerald.

What does emerald say about you?

Being a May birthstone, emerald symbolizes your qualities like loyalty, understanding, and patience. Prized for its beauty, this gemstone helps you appreciate the finer things in life and your empathy and compassion make you different from others. Emerald brings happiness to your life by enhancing these qualities. 

What are the Benefits of Wearing Emerald Gemstone Jewelry?

Emerald known to symbolize universal love and compassion, is considered as healing stone. It is known to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.  Many ancient physicians believe that emeralds can boost heart health. It enhances the lower and upper chakras and energy flow.
Another benefit of emeralds is they correct vision problems and provide relief to the eyes, which is due to their soothing characteristics and green color.  They are also known for their mythological revitalizing abilities, and body parts like the kidneys, pancreas, and immune system. are treated to some extent by wearing them.
Besides health and healing emeralds are also known to stimulate creativity and enhance intuition. It is believed that wealth, success, and good fortune are attracted to these jewel pieces. Emerald jewelry pieces not only enhance the well-being of the wearer but also infuse their personality with a sense of fashion and beauty. So, whether you choose an emerald ring or emerald earrings, you will experience amazing benefits.

How to Take Care of Emerald Gemstone?

Taking care of your emerald gemstone is very simple. With just regular cleaning, proper storage, timely repair, and protection, you can keep your emeralds shining and safe for centuries. Emerald jewel pieces can be easily cleansed at home, in a mild soapy solution with a soft brush. Storage plays a great role in maintaining the shine of the piece, so each gemstone piece should be stored in separate boxes or pouches lined with a soft cloth. To protect your gemstone from scratches or other damages remember to take them off, while engaging in any type of labor activities or during swimming, bathing, playing sports, etc.

Wrapping Up :

Emerald the green gemstone perfectly coincides with  May month, due to their association with life and vitality. Emeralds symbolize honesty, devotion, and kindness, and have a number of amazing benefits for the wearer. The true color of emerald ranges from vibrant green to blue and this changed color is related to its origin. Cherished for their beauty and symbolic significance emeralds are loved by almost all genera and ages. But, it’s important to understand who can wear them and who can not. In some cases they are related to some disadvantages too. Emerald Grading systems help in determining their value based on cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. So if you are planning to purchase them just quickly revise all the answers to make the best deal.

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